Our rooms

Our home is a one hundred year old farm house. Surrounded by fields and forest, peace and quiet – well, except perhaps for the many chirping birds, which can be heard upon awakening and going out to the garden (or through an open window, for those who are a bit lazier 🙂

It is the ideal place for peace and quiet 😉 the nearest neighbour being 1.5 km away. 😉

The architectural style is very characteristic of the surrounding countryside. The outbuildings are composed of three rustic buildings as well as a marvellous enormous barn. We have been able to renovate the farmhouse as well as one of the others for guests 😉 the third is for the animals which we keep on our farm.

We have tried to keep the simple homey country atmosphere while renovating but we have supplied all our rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

While you won’t find the luxuriousness of a hotel, there is everything necessary to a satisfactory stay, including simple, made-to-order furniture decorated with folk paintings and hand sewn table linens. Of course, there is also that, which we, your hosts, especially try to take care of – a pleasant atmosphere that will help you to relax.

A dominant sound is the cry of cranes, which which can be heard resounding throughout the day. You can also try to catch one of the swallows which flit capriciously around the yard. For those who are able to quiet themselves for a bit, the hum of hard-working bees can be heard around our fruit trees, especially in the spring.