Must-see attractions

In the immediate neighbourhood there are many charming country scenes which can be admired while walking on marked paths or the country lanes as well as on bicycle trips. We loan bikes for free; we only ask

you to take good care of them. We guarantee that on such outings you’ll spot roe deer, sometimes even red deer or hawks, and experience tranquillity mixed with the marvellous hurly-burly mix of the sounds

of nature. 😉

In summer we especially recommend….

Not far away are the lovely Luther and Tejstymy lakes, where one can take advantage of the beaches as well as the kayak and paddle boat rentals. We can also point you towards a little wilder area near the

lakes. Nature lovers will certainly be interested in the bird

sanctuary in Satopy, on a breath-taking 340 hectare flood plain. Here you’ll want your binoculars to be able to watch the birds or, you can just listen to the rich array of birdcalls they emit.

We also invite you to try a day-long kayak trip – the details can be arranged on-site. The trip takes you along the lovely Krutynia river and through several lakes. A little effort but worth it for the beautiful views and photographs.

Below can be found several bike paths that we recommend.

We do our best to recommend the most interesting local places for you to go and visit and we have helpful guide books available for your use. Below can be found more information about the little towns and villages, and charming 14th and 15th century churches scattered within

a 20-30 km radius.

Those preferring to relax will enjoy the hammock in the orchard or a rest on one of our garden benches reading a good book.

And in the autumn….

For our guests we would like to suggest gathering wild mushrooms in the fall – they are plentiful in the area woods and it is not difficult to fill one’s basket. As an additional attraction one can spot hawks hunting, roe or red deer dashing through the woods or a

garden variety hare.

In the winter however……

In the winter season we invite amateur snow sport lovers for the skiing. Not far away can be found two ski slopes with lifts which are open to 9pm. They are well lit and the ski rental shops carry good equipment. For those who are fans of cross-country skiing there are a

lot of trails with lovely scenery.